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for 2018! Be part of the Chakra Project family...


Bring the Chakra Project exclusive designs to your Yoga Studio, Therapy Practise, Holistic Centre, Retail Store or Exhibit at the Yoga & Mind Body Spirit shows throughout the UK.  We are currently selecting retail outlets, and suitably experienced and enthusiastic people to become part of Chakra Project success, and licensees.

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For all Retailing enquiries, prices and promotional offers please contact Shah: 


E: chakraprojectuk@gmail.com 

What we offer:

Exclusive Chakra design product range
Established, tried and tested Chakra designs in Yoga, MBS and Holistic markets
Offer your clients our No 1 best seller, Yogis and healers favourite, Chakra design products 
Chakra Project & The School of Healing Arts brand logo 
Exciting wholesale prices
P&P Free for all wholesale orders to Maximise your profits
Geographical exclusivity


Chakra Project products are mindfully handcrafted under the supervision of Amina, the mother founder of Chakra Project and The School of Healing Arts, The Chakra designs are to help to Create Spiritual Focus'  'Positive Energy' and Vibration Of Joy Around'  with the added bonus of up lifting others.




You can help the women of Kashmir to sustain the Chakra Project, and boost your profits by stocking our exclusive range of goods, available at wholesale prices.


These products will simply sell themselves - they’re meaningful, colourful, useful and of extremely high quality - and every item sold will help to sustain the project and the women & children it supports.







For Retail Opportunities & All Other Enquiries please contact: Shah: 07960563308 or

Email: chakraprojectuk@gmail.com  


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