Stunning Chakra Design Yoga Mat Bag in Delightful Red.

Stunning Chakra Design Yoga Mat Bag in Delightful Red.

Tired of lugging your yoga mat to class in a boring bag? Or worse, no bag at all?


If you have been looking for a Yoga Mat Bag which is completely unique, ethically made, and environmentally friendly then here is a Yoga Mat Bag which ticks all the boxes.


We have designed and then 100% hand stitched this Yoga mat Bag with vibrant, happy, healing colours. To be both comfortable and practical, but also create uplifting and magical energy around you with the effects of the powerful rainbow colours.

Treat yourself with a perfect Yoga gift and investing in one of the Chakra Project Yoga Mat Bags will not only give a unique and special home to your Yoga mat, but also change lives in a meaningful way and help us to preserve the very much needed traditional knowledge and handmade skills.


Made with high-quality Hessian cloth materials and featuring fantastic hand-stitched artwork anyone will be sure to love this blissful Yoga mat bag whether you are a beginner to yoga or an experienced veteran. This Yoga mat bag is available in 4 different colours. # Uniqueness is Guaranteed


Every purchase will help to change lives through training, development and empowerment of the women at the very grassroots to bring social change and social inclusion of women in Kashmir in North India.


  • Item Details

    100% Handmade, Hand Stitched.


    Made with High quality Hessian cloth and mercerised cotton threads to give it a magical silken finish. Finished with extra matching colour lining inside.  


    Size Length 75cm x Width 22cm. Accommodates Mats up to 6” inch, in diameter (rolled up)

    92cm Strap. Nice and long to go around the body and shoulders, which makes it super easy to carry your mat.




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