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MY-YOGA Natural / Environmentally Sustainable / Eco Friendly /

Non Toxic, Cork & Natural Rubber Yoga Mat

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Eco Friendly and sustainable, non-toxic, recyclable, naturally antibacterial and naturally anti slip, MY-YOGA Eco Yoga Mat has also positive affirmations to raise your mood. Great for you, the planet and the whole family!  Two sizes available  173 cm x 610 cm x 4mm thickness and 183 cm x 610 cm. Both sizes come in 4mm thickness. The 4mm is nice and cushy and provides good support for your knees.

MY-YOGA Eco Yoga Mat is a companion for your Yoga practice, you will feel the deeper connection with your practice and discover the amazing benefits of using our natural rubber and cork mat:


  • INNOVATIVE FEATURES: inspirational affirmations to set your day with positive energy and alignment line in the middle to help you with your standing poses



  • ECO FRIENDLY: Plant based product made with natural rubber and cork


  • SUSTAINABLE: No trees are cut down, made with recyclable materials. Cork is a renewable resource!


  • NON TOXIC: No PVC and no TPE! Don’t be fooled by mats that pretend to be eco but are made with TPE


  • NATURALLY ANTIBACTERIAL: cork inhibits the growth of bacteria, mould and odours that thrive on cheap PVC yoga mats. MY-YOGA Eco Cork yoga mat is chemical free and great for the whole family.


  • NATURALLY ANTI SLIP: cork gets even grippier with moist


  • FREE YOGA STRAP with every purchase

NOTE: MY-YOGA Cork Eco Mat is made with natural rubber, no TPE! There are lots of eco mats out there and many of those use TPE (Thermoplastic elastomers) which is a mix of rubber and plastic therefore not completely natural like rubber.


Why cork?


Cork is a wonderful gift of nature!


Cork is the bark of the Cork Oak tree, a renewable material harvested in harmony with nature. No tree is cut down, the bark is simply removed carefully from the trees every nine to twelve years. The bark regrows naturally, just as a gift. These amazing trees live up to 200 years and help with biodiversity.


Cork is totally natural, non-toxic, antibacterial and renewable, that’s why we use it for our mats.


Cork has also amazing non slip proprieties that increase with moist, so if your hands get sweaty, your mat gets naturally grippier! Try lightly spraying the mat with water at the beginning of your practice for extra grip, let it dry naturally after.


Why natural rubber?


We want our mat to be as natural as possible and mainly plant based, that’s why we choose natural rubber and not the cheaper TPE, which is rubber mixed with plastic.


Natural rubber is made with the sap of the rubber tree. No tree is cut down, the sap is taken by making a thin diagonal cut to take off a bit of bark, allowing the latex sap to drip out.

Please note: natural rubber contains latex so our mat is not suitable to you if you have a latex allergy.


How to clean your cork mat


Cork has natural antibacterial proprieties so it keeps itself clean, but if you like to give it an extra clean, you can simply use some warm water and cloth to wipe it. Make sure that you let it dry fully before rolling it up.


For any stains you can use a kitchen sponge or nail brush with a little soapy warm water.

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