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How Chakras Affect Us?


How Chakras affect us

One of the fundamental ancient universal laws is that energy precedes form - in modern times aspects of quantum physics express this same idea. So as well as having a physical body that we can see and touch, we also have an "energy body", invisible to the eye, but permeating our solid structure. The Chakras are our energy blueprint, needed in the invisible realm to create, heal and balance the human body in the physical realm.


There are seven major Chakras in the human body, and they are located from the crown of the head, down through the forehead, throat, chest and abdomen, to the base of the spine. We use our Chakra energies all the time; by learning more about Chakras we can do so consciously.

One of the key ways Chakras influence the physical body is via the hormone system. The seven major Chakras are all connected to glands or organs responsible for different hormonal activities. Hormones are chemicals that transmit instructions around the body chemistry, possibly the closest aspect of the human form to the energy body itself, and are said to be directly influenced  by Chakra energies.  



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