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Earth Kind

Earth Kind is a registered Community Interest Company in England and Not for Profit organization dedicated to enabling Permaculture learning using a multidisciplinary holistic “whole system” approach for mitigating the climate, nature, and health crises by bringing diverse and nature-based & community-focused solutions to deliver the change.  

In view of the magnitude of current human and ecological crises, synergistic, bottom-up and top-down solutions are all needed for transformative change. 

Earth Kind takes a multidisciplinary holistic “whole system” approach to mitigating the climate, nature, and health crises by bringing diverse and nature-based & community-focused solutions to deliver the change. 


We believe there really is no success without involving communities and many of the global challenges can be addressed by starting out locally by involving and creating meaningful connections and engaging our communities to be part of the bigger picture for the global effort to address: - 


  • Catastrophic Climate change 

  • Rising diet-related ill health. 

  • Widespread declines in our wildlife & loss of biodiversity 

  • Mental health 

  • Social Isolation 


What we do at Earth Kind

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  1. Making Permaculture education accessible amongst the grassroot communities by delivering regular courses and workshops for promoting local food security, and biodiversity and creating resilient ecosystems to build our community and agricultural resilience.  

  1. To tackle loneliness and social isolation by promoting Community health & wellbeing. 
    We believe human health is a human right and we recognize that health is often determined by a complex range of social, economic, and environmental factors.  
    We carry out regular wellbeing activities of Yoga, Mindfulness breathing and meditation classes to boost mental health and social inclusion in our community and support those who experience loneliness, depression, anxiety, social exclusion, and addictions. Making these activities accessible to those communities and individuals who might not otherwise have ready access to these activities whether because of affordability, physical abilities, social isolation or otherwise.  


  1. The company has set up the Permaculture Saffron Project to support the Kashmiri Saffron farmers to preserve the heritage crop of Kashmir and their way of life. This project came in response to seeing Saffron cultivation in Kashmir being under threat of extinction.  
    We have taken on an ambitious Saffron project to introduce the concepts of Permaculture amongst Saffron farmers to mitigate the threats of Climate change using Permaculture and agroecological systems for potential paths for recovery, regeneration, resilience and healing of the land, people, and their communities. Our aim is not only to support the Saffron farmers to survive and preserve the Saffron growing in Kashmir but to involve them to be part of the bigger picture of a global effort to address catastrophic climate change, by restoring the soils, healing degraded land, improving water cycles and produce healthy crop and true abundance. Crops growing in healthy soils give higher yields and higher profits for farmers and assist them to increase their agricultural resilience and productivity and be part of the regeneration and resilience-based farming and food growing.  
    We want to pioneer the movement of Organic Saffron use as an enhancement to a health and well-being-focused lifestyle. We want to educate people on the astonishing benefits of organic Saffron for both medicinal and nutritional use and start the conversation to bring the organic, finest, and rare quality of Saffron from Kashmir into our kitchens and into our everyday use. 
    The Company is providing a marketing channel for the Saffron farmers of Kashmir to preserve their heritage crops and their way of life by providing a market and selling the Organic certified Saffron in the UK and Europe.  


  1. Earth Kind also runs a micro-enterprise model for the social and economic empowerment of women in Kashmir. The Chakra Project which has been very close to our hearts and has been the foundation of our work. Chakra Project is a small community-based grassroots project which aims to give hope, support healing and change the lives of the underprivileged women of Kashmir in North India. The project is set up as a micro-enterprise model for self-help, and self-healing and to create the right livelihoods for the women in Kashmir through training, empowerment and the development of new skills, whilst being encouraged to preserve the much-needed traditional hand stitching and handcrafting skills and a way of life. 
    Chakra Project has 42 women actively involved in the project; who develop and design the amazing Chakra inspired collection through the Chakra Project, which is then sold mainly in the UK. 


To find out more about the Chakra Project and view all our Chakra Design products please visit us at: Chakra Project | School of Healing Arts | UK 


To find out more about our Permaculture work please visit us at: Green Kashmir training people in the ways of Permaculture to create 

                                                         Support Earth Kind

Help us to strengthen the grass roots movement for the recovery, resilience and regeneration of land and the empowerment of the people and building the capacity of communities via education in nature-based solutions according to the framework of Permaculture.


Your support will help fund projects like:

  • ​Permaculture Education

  • Environmental Regeneration​​

  • Training & Skill Development​

  • Supporting women to build their resilience

  • Tree Planting

  • Supporting farmers to build their resilience, And much more....

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Earth Kind Team

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