About Chakra Project

The Chakra Project is a small community-based project whose aim is to change the lives of the underprivileged women in the conflict zone of Kashmir in North India. The project was set up to create right livelihoods for the women in Kashmir through training, and the development of new skills, whilst being encouraged to preserve the much-needed traditional skills and way of life. Chakra Project runs a school of traditional skills in Kashmir which trains a small group of women every year in traditional hand stitching.

As part of the community resilience building program and preservation of traditional hand stitching skills, the women are encouraged to empower themselves through education, self-care, and training in new skills of designing, cutting and hand stitching in the textile art inspired by the seven Chakras. Once trained the women are then able to make the beautiful Chakra design products. We now have 42 women involved in the Chakra Project; they develop and design the Chakra products which are then marketed and sold mainly in the UK to raise the funds for the women to sustain this project.  

How Chakra Project Came About?


Chakra Project was developed from Amina’s love of colour and traditional hand stitching into her spiritual journey, a vision to create and teach beautiful textile art.

The foundation of this work is based on the therapeutic value of hand stitching and healing power of the colour. 


Amina started Chakra Project because she believed in sharing the magic of colour that has the ability to change lives and bring vibrancy to the world.


Her aim is to bring colour, health and happiness to everyone. There is tremendous power inside each one of us. When we are aware and awakened, the vibrancy and positive energy that is generated brings healing and happiness to our worlds.


The Chakra Project is set up in collaboration with Earth Kind CIC as skill development and micro enterprise model which has allowed many women of Kashmir - in the foothills of the Himalayas, to change their lives, heal their past and overcome some tough life experiences and take on new challenges, whilst learning new skills. 

Through undertaking new skills of embroidery designing and stitching, the mind of the girls is trained to be keen on the patterns and movements during the process.

This in effect enhances their overall performance and as such improves on the overall mental capacity of the individual. The ability of the brain to create and follow logic in creation of the patterns is effective in creating a self-induced state of staying in focus and girls are encouraged to implement this in their daily life. 

Also working around vibrant colours have a profoundly calming, joyful and therapeutic effect on the girls who come to learn the new skills, which enhances their emotional, mental and spiritual well being, and in turn, boosts their confidence and morale, and helps them to heal their past and create better future.


The women involved in this project have come from difficult backgrounds, where they had been disadvantaged or marginalized by the factors like exploitation, high unemployment, lack of education and by other social and cultural restrictions.


Working as a team has encouraged many women to come forward to take the first step to change their lives, which also has profound effect on their children's and extended families and at the same time they are preserving the traditions , a way of life and very much needed traditional hand embroidery skills.  

Seven Chakra design wall hanging

So, how is this all done?

Chakra Project is responsible micro enterprise created with the vision of having a positive impact on the society and the environment in which it operates. The foundation of our work is inspired and powered by the three-core ethics of Permaculture; Earth care, People care and Fair share.

At the heart of the Chakra Project is to increase the social and economic resilience of the women in Kashmir and every worker in the project is also the owner of their own micro enterprise.

We operate with zero-tolerance policy to discrimination, marginalization, and exploitation of human and earth resources.  

The School of Healing Arts

By setting up training and small workshops in activities such as Chakras and the positive effects of the colours, chainstitch, handicraft, tailoring, cutting and designing, the women learn new skills and begin to understand the art of creativity and self healing which in turn, boosts their confidence and morale, and offer a self-help channel. These workshops open up a whole new world for these women who previously had no access to formal education and therefore had very low confidence in their ability to do anything. The human spirit is a delicate that needs to be nurtured, but, with the right support, can always be brought back to life.


Skills for life 


The School of Healing Arts, where small group of local women every year are involved to learn and then go and make exotic handmade Chakra design products by using their new and some  traditional skills, with the inspired use of local materials cloth, thread, dyes etc to create some thing meaningful and beautiful, unique, spiritual and of course practical.


It’s inspiring to see how the designs and creations made by these women, using local craft techniques, and new skills have been appreciated and enjoyed by the people around the world.


Since the inception of this project we have now also added some brand new fascinating CHAKRA design products. All of these hand-made Chakra design products are superb items to treasure for or to give as a gift to someone you really appreciate. Maybe your own yoga teacher or your Reki Master! or simply to support, enhance and embellish even, your home and your practice of yoga, Reki, healing or meditation room.

We believe that as well as being practical and exquisitely beautiful these Chakra design products, create warm and vibrant energies in home, or a work place and have positive effects on your moods and emotions.

Shopping can be a guilt-free pleasure; simply being more aware and informed about where products come from and how they are produced can help to make a choice for more mindful, conscious and thoughtful shopping experience. 

Please take a few enjoyable moments to allow yourself to be inspired by the Chakra Project collection, and remember that every time you make a purchase you contribute to the healing and  empowerment of the women in Kashmir and benefit one of the families from this part of the world, who will be able to feed, cloth and educate their children and dependents with the revenue generated from your treasured purchase.

Thank you and please keep sharing the joy of Colour. A Rainbow colours. 

With gratitude and love 


Chakra Project Team India & UK