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The Chakra Project is a small community-based project whose aim is to change the lives of the underprivileged women in the conflict zone of Kashmir in North India. The project was set up to create right livelihoods for the women in Kashmir through training, and the development of new skills, whilst being encouraged to preserve the much-needed traditional skills and way of life. Chakra Project runs a school of traditional skills in Kashmir which trains a small group of women every year in traditional hand stitching.

As part of the community resilience building program and preservation of traditional hand stitching skills, the women are encouraged to empower themselves through education, self-care, and training in new skills of designing, cutting and hand stitching in the textile art inspired by the seven Chakras. Once trained the women are then able to make the beautiful Chakra design products. We now have 42 women involved in the Chakra Project; they develop and design the Chakra products which are then marketed and sold mainly in the UK to raise the funds for the women to sustain this project. 





What is Chakra Project?


'Chakra Energy is one of the most  natural   sources of empowerment.

 Managing it, also provides one of the   simplest ways of integrating 

 mind,body and spirit.'

Our chakra design products

Our chakra design products

Our chakra design products

Our chakra design products


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