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Chakra Foundation is a Charitable Trust working to change lives of the underprivileged girls in Kashmir in North India through training, development and empowerment of those girls who haven't had a chance or in most cases not given a chance or any opportunity to go to schools to have any basic formal education.


Chakra Foundation has a charitable school The School of Healing Arts, which focuses on building resilience through the skill development of the women in Kashmir and the preservation of traditional handmade skills. 

The women are encouraged to empower themselves by self-love, education and training in new skills, and to understand the art of creativity and self-help to move themselves from the position of vulnerability and uncertainty to a position of growth and sustainability and to fulfill their common, economic and social need.


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What is Chakra Foundation?


'Chakra Energy is one of the most  natural   sources of empowerment.

 Managing it, also provides one of the   simplest ways of integrating 

 mind,body and spirit.'

Do you sometimes feel emotionally drained by your experiences, like life is getting on top of you? 


Do you often find yourself demotivated and lacking energy? Then perhaps it's time to make a change!


Why not come and join us at 'Yoga for Change' to discover your inner strength and take the first step towards positive change! 


Find out more about Yoga for Change.

Yoga for Change 




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