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What is Chakra Project?


Chakra Project is a small community-based grassroots project set up in collaboration with Earth Kind CIC with the aim to give hope, support healing and change the lives of the women of Kashmir in North India. The project is set up as a micro enterprise model for self help, self healing and to create right livelihoods for the women in Kashmir through training, empowerment and the development of new skills, whilst being encouraged to preserve the much-needed traditional hand skills and a way of life.

Chakra Project has 42 women actively involved in the project; who develop and design the amazing and vibrant Chakra design products which are then sold to raise the funds to sustain the project. 
All our Chakra vibration designs are lovingly hand stitched with 100% vegan and high-quality hessian cloth materials, featuring fantastic hand-stitched artwork with mercerised 3 ply cotton threads to give it a magical silken finish with vibrant, happy, healing colours.

The powerful and therapeutic effects of our Chakra vibration colours will not only create uplifting and magical energy around you, but also change lives in a meaningful way and help us to preserve the very much needed traditional knowledge and handmade skills.

Find out today how your purchase will help to bring hope and healing, change lives and fund projects like:


  • Training & Skill Development​

  • Permaculture Education

  • Helping to preserve traditional hand stitching skills

  • Supporting women to build their resilience, and much more....





Hope is what keeps us going.

Hope is what keeps us sane.. and Hope symbolizes,

manifests ‘healing and freedom’ in our lives.

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