Sending a Rainbow of Hope that this global vulnerability will bring us all together, united by our humanity!

About Chakra Foundation:

Chakra Foundation is a charitable trust working to change lives of the underprivileged girls in North India in Kashmir through social, spiritual, and economic empowerment of the women at the very grassroots to bring social change and social inclusion of women and supporting them to preserve the very much needed traditional skills and the way of life.


This program has allowed many women of Kashmir to change their lives, heal their past and overcome some tough life experiences and take on new challenges, whilst learning new skills.


We have 42 women involved with this project, who are dependent on making living by selling their Chakra Designs and to support their families.

In these uncertain times, help us to keep on continue to support the ladies and their families involved with the Chakra Foundation Project in Kashmir in North India.

The impact of the Coronavirus pandemic is still beginning to unfold, and in these uncertain times it is easy to get lost in the headlines and feel anxious about what is to come.

One thing is for certain. Chakra Foundation will continue to strive in every way to support the women who are the part of the Chakra Foundation community. But we cannot do that without your help.

As a charitable trust, Chakra Foundation is heavily reliant on the ongoing support from people like you. With the latest Coronavirus measures meaning we are all having to restrict our social contact, more and more events where we sell the Chakra Foundation products have been cancelled or postponed – which is already having a huge impact on our income.

Here are the ways you can support Chakra Foundation today….

  1. You can donate to support our 42 family’s who are in great need in these unprecedented circumstances.  


  2. You can also support by making a purchase from our Chakra Foundation online shop 



To shop & support please click the button 

DELIVERY AS USUAL (until further notice)


Keeping everyone safe, keeping you updated.

Here at Chakra Foundation we're doing everything we can to help the community stay safe, and to minimise the risks to our customers and ourselves.

We are confident, too, that Royal Mail and the courier services we use are doing the same.  Most courier services are now requesting that customers designate a safe place for parcels to be left,  but if you'd like us to add a note to your parcel too, then just drop us a line or give us a call on 07486528811 as soon as you've completed your order, and we'll pop a message on your parcel for you.

So, it's business as usual here, although given the huge increase in online shopping throughout the UK, and the ever-changing situation out there, please be patient with us if your order takes a little longer than usual to arrive!

As we continue to find our way through these uncertain times, we will do our best to keep you updated if anything changes as a result of new government guidelines.

So, if you're at home and feel like browsing through our online shop and help us to continue the support for the women and their families in Kashmir. Please click shop & support. 

Some tips and suggestions from Chakra Foundation team on keeping you safe and support

your immune system.

Good old soap and water, aloe vera gel are good ways to keep your hands clean and skin soft. Coronavirus is active and we need to also be active in combating it. Don't let the fear take over, yes be sensible but keep taking small actions to stay safe and boost your immune system.

Keeping hydrated with regular drinks, Keep also taking some hot drinks in a day. Vitamin C, like oranges, lemons which you can slice and have it in the hot water. Garlic is fantastic and you can add it in your food or just eat it roasted it really is delicious, and of- course lots of ginger in your tea is great too.
Inhale deep long breaths and exhale the breath slowly. Do some physical exercise, like walking or gardening, if you can. Practice some yoga and meditate to keep your mental health in balance and positive. Check on your friends and family by phone, text, social media. Remember you are not alone in this, we are all together. 

May all beings be free from suffering.





For Retail Opportunities & All Other Enquiries please contact: Shah: 07960563308 or

Email: chakraprojectuk@gmail.com  


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