A Blissful Visual Chakra Hanging Medium size

A Blissful Visual Chakra Hanging Medium size


This beautiful Chakra Vibration Banner is made with high-quality Hessian cloth materials, featuring fantastic hand-stitched art work with mercerised 3 ply cotton threads to give it a magical silken finish with vibrant, happy, healing colours and is infused with the Reiki healing energy.


'Energy flows, where attention goes'

Chakras receive the health of our environment and our chakras also radiate an energy of vibration.

The powerful and therapeutic effects of these rainbow colours will not only create uplifting and magical energy around you, but also change lives in a meaningful way and help us to preserve the very much needed traditional knowledge and handmade skills.

This amazing Chakra Vibration Banner is a perfect way to focus & balance your energy everyday, through the powerful visual sensory experience of your Chakras and keep the flow of good energy in your:
• Home
• Place of practicing healing
• Yoga Studios
• Meditation spaces
• Reiki Room
• Or simply a great and delightful surprise gift for your Yoga, meditation teacher or your Reiki master:

The Chakra Hangings have a hanging hook to easily hang them on your wall. Large size has 2 hooks and Medium and small hangings have single hanging hook.

Size Length of this medium Chakra Banner is 85cm x Widt