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Is Colour Healing Effective?

The effectiveness and use of colour healing are based on hard facts, and these are not opinions or ideas made up on a whim.

For this we have spent hundreds of exhilarating hours over the years doing research and compiling information which contains dozens of facts about the Healing power of colour.


Colour affects our behaviours, moods, and thoughts. It has the ability to bring healing energy, soothe our frazzled nerves, motivate and empower us.

In Art the healing power of colour is undeniable and far-reaching.


Working with colours is a great way to balance the Chakras. By focusing and stimulating your Chakras through the eyes by looking at a particular colour.

At the most obvious level, one can match a colour with its associated with the energy centre to support or activate its flow. For example, you may use red to stimulate root chakra energy and support grounding and overall vitality; orange to target the second energy centre; yellow for the third, etc.

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