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Do you know what happens to silkworms when they turn into silk? 

Many people don't know how silk is produced, or that it's made through very cruel means. Silkworms are also overlooked because... "they're just worms". (Note: silkworms are in fact much more like a caterpillar than a worm).

Silk is extracted by boiling cocooned worms, on their way to becoming moths. The cocoon itself is raw silk, built by the silkworm, which will be destroyed by the moth as it chews its way out of the cocoon. For this reason, the moths are boiled alive, killing the moth, and making it easier to unravel the silk. Tens of millions of silk moths are boiled alive every year; it takes 2000 to 3000 cocoons to make 1lb of silk.

Believe it or not, silk moths are sentient as well. They have a neurological system and being boiled is a painful death.

There is now cruelty-free silk, Ahimsa Silk, also known as Peace Silk, on the market and it's being used by more and more famous (and compassionate!) designers. The moths are allowed to emerge from the cocoon before the cocoon is used. Having said that, there are plenty of beautiful materials out there that are completely animal-free as well which we can buy and wear.

Say NO to Silk.

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