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Chakra Project Story

Butterfly & Rainbow became the 'Hope Symbol' for the Chakra Project)
This gave Amina hope, vision and focus that helped to change many lives and a way of preserving the traditional hand-making skills.


The symbols are a medium of communication of thoughts and dreams.

Each symbol bears its power and energy, helping you keep your hope alive.

For Amina it was butterflies and Amber who infused the Rainbow colours into Amina's life and into the Chakra Project. 

Butterflies go through their own journey to emerge victoriously. The symbol motivates you to keep fighting and keep growing. You might hide for some time when the going gets very difficult but you need to come out as blazing fire to survive.


For Amina, it was saddening to see so many traditional skills being lost and for her, the loss of these skills also meant losing connections with ancestors who passed down the beautiful hand-making skills.

Her passion for preserving traditional hand skills became the foundation for the Chakra Project and led her into a spiritual journey of hope and healing, with a vision to create and teach vibrant textile art, inspired by our amazing Yoga teacher (Amber Jaan) who has been the compassionate force and  instrumental in infusing the rainbow energy of the Chakras in this project and Amina's life.
The Chakra Project approach ensures traditional skills are preserved whilst new ones are constantly developed and learned.

Amber Jaan.png

Amina's journey for preserving the traditional skills started in 2006 when butterflies used to follow her every where and when she also first learned about the rainbow colours of the Chakra's from 'Amber'  Yoga Teacher. Since then Amina was always drawn towards the colourful and vibrant energy of the rainbow colours of the Chakras.

This is what happens when you put together a designer and a creator.  A new vision was born which founded the way forward and the Chakra Project was born. 


Amber created the design of the seven Chakras, and  created a colour code and colour chart system for Amina to refer to. Amina started working on the first Chakra design using her hand stitching and the whole process of development of the Chakra design on the first Yoga Mat Bag was created, which took over 2 years to complete. This process of creation and working with all the colours and creating the very first design of the Seven Chakras was with no doubt very intense but later this became the foundation to create something amazing that also helped to change many lives and gave Amina a clear vision and a way of preserving the traditional hand making skills.


Today we share this love and joy with you and may the vibration of this work also touch your life with beauty, love, healing and hope. 


All our Chakra vibration designs are lovingly created to perfection with 100% hand stitched by Amina and her wonderful team of Chakra girls who are taught and trained at The School of Healing Arts in Kashmir. 

Find out today how your purchase will help to bring hope and healing, change lives and fund projects like:


  • Training & Skill Development​

  • Permaculture Education

  • Helping to preserve traditional hand stitching skills

  • Supporting women to build their resilience, and much more....

How to work with one of our Chakra Vibration piece?

By focusing and stimulating your Chakras through the eyes looking at a particular colour which reflects different frequencies of light and energy associated with each energy centre, and when you receive the frequency of the

colours, the body releases tension, the mind lets go of thinking, and emotions wash away to move into harmony

of mind body and spirit.

Make time to explore the true quality of your vibrational state, and allow the frequency, vibrancy and power of

the colour bring you home to the pure vibration of healing.

Or simply, place it anywhere in your:

• Home

• Place of practicing healing

• Yoga studios

• Your Meditation spaces

• Reiki room

• Effective way to visualize and focus on your Chakras

• Or simply to give a delightful surprise gift for your Yoga or meditation teacher or your Reiki master


The warm rainbow colours of seven Chakras will also have positive effects on your moods and emotions.

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