Amina the mother founder of the Chakra Project and

The School of Healing Arts


I first learned about the Chakra's from 'Amber' my daughter in- law who is a Yoga Teacher. Since then I have always been drawn towards the colourful and vibrant energy of the Chakras.

In order to connect with my Chakra energy, and create the focus in my life I felt I needed to see them visually, and it was then when I decided to create the Chakra design using my hand stitch textile art work.


With Amber's help we started the process of initial designing of the seven Chakras, and we created a colour code and colour chart system for me to refer to. I started working on one and the whole process of development of the Chakra Vibration banner in my textile chain stitch work took me over 2 years to complete. This process of creation and working with all the colours has been truly amazing on many levels.


This journey with no doubt taught me how working with energy of joy and positive vibration can simply create the joy and positive vibration around us. Bringing my daily awareness, connecting and working with Colours and the symbols of the Chakras helped me to raise the vibration within and gave me the clear vision and focus which has helped to change my life positively and the lives of many others around me.


Today I share this love and joy with you and may the vibration of this work also touch your life, and help to raise the vibration within you and around you. 


Each stitch on all our Chakra designs are beautifully and mindfully hand stitched by myself and my wonderful team of Chakra girls at The School of Healing Arts in Kashmir. 


Where and how to use it


• Perfect starting point is home

• Place of practicing healing

• Yoga studios

• Your Meditation spaces

• Reiki room

• Effective way to visualize and focus on your Chakras

• Or simply to give a delightful surprise gift for your

  Yoga or meditation teacher or your Reiki master


 'A sacred space brings positive energy into your home and life.  The precious objects

you place in it, will help to focus that energy, which will enhance your physical, emotional,

mental and spiritual well being'


The warm rainbow colours of seven Chakras will also have positive effects on your

moods and emotions.





‘Believe In Positive Energy’