Rainbow Magic Third Eye Chakra Design Shoulder Bag

Rainbow Magic Third Eye Chakra Design Shoulder Bag


This beautiful shoulder bag is made with high-quality Hessian cloth materials, featuring fantastic hand-stitched artwork with mercerised 3 ply cotton threads to give it a magical silken finish.

If you have been looking for a practical daily use shoulder bag which is completely unique, ethically made, and environmentally friendly then here is a Bag which ticks all the boxes.

Exhibiting uniqueness and style, this bag reflects the boldness of individuality of a person and represents the Third Eye Chakra, our intuition and wisdom.

Chakra Project team have designed, and 100% hand stitched this Bag with vibrant, happy, healing colours. To be both comfortable and practical, but also create uplifting and magical energy around you with the effects of the powerful rainbow colours.

Treat yourself with a perfect gift and investing in one of the Chakra Project Bags will not only give you a completely unique bag but also change lives in a meaningful way and help us to preserve the very much needed traditional handmade skills.

Not just a Bag!
Inside a Bag there is a story of hope, courage, and resilience of the Women of Kashmir, who have hand stitched these bags to rebuild their lives & communities.

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