Transference of Healing. Stunning Chakra Design Healers/Therapists Couch Cover

Transference of Healing. Stunning Chakra Design Healers/Therapists Couch Cover

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Transference of Healing.

A stunning Chakra Design Healers/Therapists Couch Cover in Amazing Healing Purple.


Transmute your client’s lower vibrations into higher frequencies with the powerful and therapeutic effects of the rainbow colours.


100% Hand stitched with sustainable vegan materials and the pure essence of human spirit.

This stunning Healers/Therapist couch cover is made with vibrant, happy, healing colours and is infused with the Reiki healing energy.


This will not only uplift the energy of your client; it will create a sense of bliss and peace in and around your healing space. 


This amazing Chakra Couch Cover is your perfect healing partner to compliment your work to enrich and uplift the energy of your client and activate their healing ability within.


The Couch cover comes without cushions showing in the image.


Every purchase will help to change lives through training, development and empowerment of the women at the very grassroots to bring social change and social inclusion of women in Kashmir in North India.



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    100% Handmade, Hand Stitched.


    Made with High quality soft cotton cloth and mercerised cotton threads to give it a magical silken finish.




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